Welcome to Howgill: Here come the Boys!

We’re thrilled to present the latest additions to our Howgill family! Our charming alpaca boys have just arrived from our sister site, Catgill, and are settling in beautifully to their new surroundings. In an exciting swap, we’ve sent our expecting female alpacas over to Catgill, where they will receive top-notch care from their on-site team.

Here at Howgill, our new boys are not only settling in but thriving in their new home. While they were initially uncertain about their surroundings, they quickly became more curious and comfortable. We’re delighted to see them venturing up to the fence to greet our guests, a promising sign of their growing confidence.

Excitingly, we’re preparing to kick off weekly walks with our alpacas as soon as they get used to their new team members and become accustomed to being closer to our camping guests. At their former residence, the alpacas are awaiting the setup of their new field closer to the campers at Catgill. So previously, they haven’t had a lot of previous contact with people! But you can tell, they’re gradually adjusting to observing campers in action. It’s all part of their journey as they settle into their roles as beloved members of our Howgill family.

The views from the top of their field are breathtaking, and the boys love going up there to take it all in. They’re settling in well and getting used to their new routine. Here’s a little bit about each one:

Alfie Born right here at Howgill Lodge on August 26th, 2022, Alfie is the most boisterous of the group. He’s always looking out for his brothers and is inseparable from Jack, the leader of their pack. Alfie loves cooling off in the pool during the summer and is always the first to dive in. He also has a big appetite, just like his mum Audrey over at Catgill Farm.

Jack is the boss of the group and insists on leading the way during treks. He loves rolling in dry dirt patches, so he rarely stays white for long. Jack is cautious around newcomers but is just as gentle and friendly once he gets to know you. He always watches out for his brothers, ensuring it’s safe before he eats.

Dougie Also known as Douglas, Dougie was hand-reared as a baby, making him the most confident with people. He loves cuddles and has the fluffiest ears and smallest nose. Despite being the littlest, he’s just as fast, brave, and boisterous as his brothers. They wouldn’t dare pick on him!

We love having these boys here at Howgill and are excited for you to meet them and join us on our upcoming walks. They’re doing great and are getting trained to become even more comfortable around our guests. Come and see for yourself how well they’re settling in!

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