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Some of our Favourite Local Walks

Local Walks around Howgill Lodge and Wharfedale

Here you will find a selection of our favourite walks all starting at the campsite. From a quick circular route to the pub, to a long and rewarding hill climb taking in Simon's Seat and the Valley of Desolation, there is something for everyone. Whichever route you choose, you will be sure to love the great Yorkshire Dales scenery and the sense of calm and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We'd love to see your photos! After your walk send us your photos via Facebook and tell us what you loved most.

Craven Arms and The New Inn, Appletreewick (20 minutes/1.7 miles)

Craven Arms and The New Inn, Appletreewick

A short river walk to the local pubs in Appletreewick. The Craven Arms and The New Inn.

Turn right out of the campsite and in around 50 metres turn right and head down the footpath to the road. Turn right over the bridge and turn immediately left and head towards the river. Follow the riverbank for around 15 minutes and head right at the next signpost to Appletreewick. Turn right again at the road and follow it for a short distance up the hill to the Craven Arms. 5 minutes further along the road and you find the centre of Appletreewick and The New Inn. Follow the same route back to the campsite.

Simon's Seat Loop (2 hours/3.2 miles - Dogs not allowed)

Simon's Seat Loop

A really easy to follow route and staying at Howgill you couldn't be any nearer to the impressive summit of Simon's Seat. This short but challenging 2 hour blast around this circular route will be sure to get those endorphins going and give you a real sense of achievement. With amazing views and unspoilt landscape this is the must do walk when staying with us!

Please take appropriate footwear and clothing as it is often much colder and windier at the highest parts of the walk.

Turn right out of the campsite and in approximately 50 metres look out for the signpost and footpath on your left towards Simon's Seat. Follow the steep climb through the woodland and on to the moor. Keep left following the well marked footpath to Simon's Seat and get ready to admire the outstanding view across the beautiful green hills of the Yorkshire Dales.

After you have finished marvelling at the beauty, find the footpath which starts on the bottom side of the rocks at the summit and follow the technical decent to Dalehead Farm. Turn left and follow the stone track back to the campsite.

River Walk to the Turreted Brdge (2½ hours/5.75 miles)

River Walk to the Strid

A flat (ish!) riverside walk to the infamous Strid, known as one of the most dangerous sections of river. A deadly combination of fast flowing water, underwater currents and a 30 metre depth, make sure you stand well clear as you get those impressive photos of the white water smashing between the rocks.

A really easy route to follow - turn right out of the campsite and in 50 metres turn right again following the signs to the river. Follow the river downstream along the Dalesway footpath passing through open farmland in the valley bottom. As you approach Barden bridge the path intersects the road before entering the Barden field car park – here you will also find a Yorkshire Dales ice cream van in summer! Keep following the river and look out for the beautiful stone built, turreted bridge which you need to cross onto the other side of the river. Follow the path for around 20 minutes and you will find the Strid. When you have finished admiring the beauty of this natural water feature head back up the river and follow the same route back to the campsite.

Trollers Gill, Appletreewick (2 ¾ hours /6.3 miles)

Trollers Gill, Appletreewick

A scenic and largely unknown walk passing through the small village of Skyreholme before following Skyreholme Beck to the spectacular Trollers Gill. A narrow limestone gorge with overhanging rocks this is one not to miss. After you have trekked up the stream head on to the moor and enjoy the long reaching views as you head over to Appletreewick. Call in at one of the two pubs for a well earned drink before heading back along the river to Howgill. Please note Trollers Gill can be impassable after lots of rainfall, use the short diversion if this is the case.

Turn left out of the campsite and head along the stone track for around 15 minutes to Dalehead Farm. Look out for the signpost to Skyreholme on your left and follow the path across the fields and over the stream to the road. Turn left and follow the road round to Parcevall Hall Gardens before turning left again at the signpost to Trollers Gill. Follow the stream through the gorge and take a left over the small wooden bridge up on to the moor. At the stone track turn right and then immediately left looking out for the dark green grass marking out the path. Turn left at the road and follow the road around the left hand corner before looking for a signpost on your right to Appletreewick. Follow the track across the open moorland and drop down into Appletreewick and find the pubs on your left.

Now you are well refreshed head right down the road towards Burnsall looking out for a signpost on your left towards the river. Turn left at the river and follow it until you get to the road. Cross the road and over the small bridge and turn immediately left. Head up the stone track and turn left at the crossroads, Howgill is 50 metres on your left.

Simon's Seat, Trollers Gill and Appletreewick (4½ hours/8 miles - Dogs not allowed)

Simon's Seat, Trollers Gill and Appletreewick

Up, down, views, gorges, streams, rivers, pubs and amazing scenery! This walk has it all and its right on the doorstep. This is our all-time favourite walk from Howgill as you can see so much in relatively small amount of time.

Follow the route on walk 2 – Simon's Seat loop and when you descend to Dalehead Farm look out for the sign post off the stone track to your right pointing towards Skyreholme. From here follow the route on walk 4 – Trollers Gill and Appletreewick.

You're going to have an amazing time and we can't wait for you to get back and tell us all about it!

Simon's Seat, Valley of Desolation, Bolton Abbey (5 hours /9.6 miles - Dogs not allowed)

Simon's Seat, Valley of Desolation, Bolton Abbey

A challenging but rewarding hill walk taking in some of the most interesting scenery and best features of the local area. Look out over Upper Wharfedale for as far as the eye can see at Simon's Seat before descending through woodland towards the impressive Posforth Gill Waterfall in the Valley of Desolation. Call in at the Cavendish Pavilion café for a well earned break and enjoy an ice cream or one of the outstanding cakes on offer, they also serve hot and cold food if you'd like a full meal. As you head north towards Howgill take in the menacing Strid which is an impressive part of the river, well known for being dangerous as the river narrows forcing the white water between the rocks at high speed – the perfect photo opportunity!

Please take appropriate footwear and clothing as it is often much colder and windier at the highest parts of the walk.

Turn left out the campsite and follow the track to the end (Dalehead Farm) looking out for a gate on your right with signposts to Simon's Seat. Follow the tricky and steep footpath to Simon's Seat and prepare yourself for the spectacular views that await. Head south along the well trodden unmade path which intersects a stone access track where you turn left. Follow this path down and enter the woodland then follow the signposts towards Bolton Abbey. You will soon see Posforth Gill beck which you should follow downstream until you find the spectacular waterfall – if you are feeling brave jump into the pool below for a freshen up! Follow the path down to the gate next to Waterfall Cottage, turn left onto the road for a short time and look out for the footpath on your right next to the river. Follow this footpath to the wooden bridge and cross over to the Cavendish Pavilion and have a well earned break!

Now you're feeling rested head up the river on the left hand side and in around 25 minutes you will find the Strid. Be careful to stay back from the edge as you try to get that perfect photo! Continue up the river and cross over the stone built aqueduct with its impressive turrets. Continue upstream following the Dalesway footpath passing an ice cream van at Barden (summer only). Pass the car park next to the road and re-enter the fields on your left. Continue until the footpath intersects the road and look out for signs to Howgill on your right, this path takes you back to the campsite. Congratulations, you have earned a well deserved beer or glass of wine!

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