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The Full Alpackage! at Howgill Lodge


Calmly roaming around their paddock and grazing on the grassland, Audrey, Dorothy and Ethel make up our family of alpacas. Laid back and enjoying the countryside, relaxing is what they do best, just how we like it to be for our guests!

Each alpaca has a unique character, and these cute and inquisitive animals will be glad to meet you. Make sure you pop over to the alpaca paddock to say hello!

Dorothy The mischievous one

This little monkey is the cheeky girl of the trio and definitely the boss. With bags of character and a bold attitude to life she is always first for dinner, at the front of walks and first to use the bathroom, the other two have to wait for her! She's independent and loves her pack but is equally happy to be exploring the field by herself. Dorothy is likely to be the first over to see what you are up to! Make sure you have your camera ready for that perfect photo!

Audrey The fun loving one

Audrey is very sceptical of anything that moves and although she is the tallest of the 3, she is a complete wuss! Most alpacas have the "flight" rather than "fight" instinct, but Audrey is known to stand completely still when startled and is known affectionately by the staff as "The Statue"! She is happiest when she is close to her pack and this fluffy pacca loves dinner time cuddles with whoever is feeding her!

Ethel The fluffy one

Beautiful and brown, we think Ethel is the best looking out of the 3. She enjoys being hand fed and is really gentle, but it takes a while for her to build trust in people. However, once she has established a bond with you, she will gladly come on an afternoon walk! With the wiggliest neck and the longest nose, if you are quiet and patient, she will become your life long adorable friend.

Fun Facts About Alpacas

  • Alpacas are highly sociable, gentle and curious creatures.
  • Alpacas make really good pets and can be trained fairly easily.
  • When there's danger they scream, and they make an odd hooting sound when they're excited.
  • The members of an alpaca herd will all use the same loo rather than pooping randomly.
  • It's funny to see female alpacas queuing for the loo in a line – they like to 'go' together!
  • A baby alpaca is called a cria
  • Alpacas come in 22 colours, from a deep blue-black through browns and tans to white.
  • 99% of the world's alpacas still live in South America.
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