A Bank Holiday Surprise!

As if bank holiday weekend wasn’t planned to be busy enough at Howgill our four legged residents decided to add to the fun with the birth of two new babies within 48 hours of each other!

First came Alfie nice and early Friday morning. In typical Audrey style she gave us very little signs that she was about to pop approaching most of the birth lying down!  Born around 9am little Alfie took after his mum and enjoyed plenty of rest before he took to his feet! He is the most stunning fluffiest little boy we could have asked for and we are thrilled to bits with his progress. Our bank holiday guests could not believe he was less than one day old when they checked in on Friday as he looked and behaved like he had been with us for months –  It has been questioned to whether he is in fact a llama due to the size of his ears!

Our sassy little Dorothy wasn’t happy about missing out on all the attention and so decided to join in on Sunday with the birth of her little girl Daphne! With two weeks between their expected due dates, we had hoped to have a little more time to make sure all was well with Alfie and Audrey but oh no Dorothy was determined to give our customers some more excitement.

Like mother like daughter Daphne was born as bold as brass and took no time at all to be up and about. Her cheeky little attitude makes it very entertaining to watch anyone in our team trying to catch her although she does secretly like a little cuddle once she has admitted defeat! Even Dorothy has softened a little to the occasional stroke since Daphne has been around!

Although at the time we were slightly overwhelmed with two babies in two days Daphne and Alfie are the best of friends now and can often be seen chasing each other around their paddock. It was lovely that we were able to share the experience with so many of our customers!

We have waited to share this with you all until we were confident both mums and babies were fit and healthy but we are thrilled to say they are both doing brilliantly and can’t wait to meet you all on your next visits with us!

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